Thursday, August 13, 2009

Customer Inquiries

I've gotten a couple of questions about what exactly I'm willing to do, so I figured I'd address those, just in case people have the same questions.

So far, I have done the custom-painted rocking chairs and treasure chests for baby showers, etc., but I am willing to take on other projects. If you were interested in something for an older child or even some designs for your home, I would be happy to make your request a reality and we can discuss pricing based on the project.

Again, feel free to contact me at!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Orders Coming In!

So the response has been great already in regards to my designs. I've gotten a confirmed order and two more in the works, so hopefully there will be more photos to show! Remember, email all inquiries to!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Other Crafting Projects

I can do more than just the custom painting, here are a few things I've done as well. I just want to show other mediums in which I had embellished things! Email me at!

I embellished the heel in this photo with Swarovski crystals, so cute and time consuming!

I affixed the stones to this pair of heels using adhesive and then sewing them to ensure they stay on well.

A sign I made for my sorority using plywood, craft paper, and chipboard letters.


This is one of the first chairs I ever made for a friend's daughter. This one is painted in various pastel colors (light pink, yellow, lavender, green, and blue) and it has her name on the back and a wooden flower! This picture was taken about two years after I originally painted the chair and it's still in excellent condition. Enjoy and email any inquiries to


Here is a chair I did for a friend's baby shower. This one I used a lot of bright colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and tan), it also has various sized circles on the seat of the chair. I think this is my favorite one! Email me at!


Another chair I created for a friend's daughter. This chair is painted with light pink, fuchsia, and lavender acrylic paint and features a wooden unicorn and mirror on the back of the chair. To get your custom creation, email me at!

Elijah and Isiah

Here are some pictures of two chests I made for Elijah and Isiah. For this customer, I purchased coordinating items to put in the chest as well. I told you, whatever you suggest, I can create!


Here are some pictures from the gift set I created for a customer's baby shower.

I use white, pink blush, and apple green acrylic paints. For the lettering and wood pieces, tourmaline and green quartz colored glitter was used.

New Business!

After being prodded by family and friends, I have decided to start creating my custom painted designs for the masses. If you are interested in anything, please email me at

So far I have only done rocking chairs and chests, but feel free to reach out to me for anything your imagination can create. The designs you see were created for baby showers and small children, but I could create looks for older children and even for your home.

I use non-toxic acrylic paints for my designs and I seal everything with UV-protective spray to ensure that your creation will last for a long time.

Rocking chairs start at $75 and up
Chests start at $45 and up

If you want something different, again contact me and I can give you an exact price quote.

Any items will be made custom to order, so I can reduplicate the designs you see or create something totally new!

Again thanks for looking!!!!