Monday, January 11, 2010

New Items/Prices

After perusing the craft store, I found child size rocking horse, tables, extra-large chests and stools. I would be willing to customize these items in addition to the chests and rocking chairs I have been making for customers.
Contact me if you are interested and I can price these items out for you.

Also, if you are interested again, rocking chairs start at $75 and up and chests start at $45 and up.

Pricing depends on if you lettering, wooden accent pieces, the complexity of the design, the number of colors used in the design, etc. To give an accurate quote, I need to know what exactly your vision is for the piece and then pricing is set from there.

Please feel free to email me at


This set is circle-themed. The main colors are bright and pale blue with accents of light orange, yellow, and apple green.
The chest has multi-colored inset circles and different size circles on the side of the chest.
The chair has different colored circles in different sizes on the seat and the child's name on the back of the chair with circle accents.
Let me know if I can customize something for you, email me at

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Elmo Basket

Here is a photo of a basket I customized with a foam Elmo I made by hand! I hand-cut the pieces to make the face and finished it with black 3D paint. I filled it with tons of Elmo-themed goodies! Let me know if I can design something special for you, email me at